On Board Service Experience with Thai Vietjet Air

Knowing about how flying with Thai Vietjet Air experience feels like can be useful if you are planning to get their ticket flight. Thai Vietjet Air is a budget airline from Thai, and it is a company under VietJet Air from Vietnam. This carrier is based in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. A local-based airline that’s originally from neighboring countries is not actually new in Thailand. For example, there are Thai Lion Air that’s originated from Indonesia and Thai AirAsia that’s originated from Malaysia.

Thai Vietjet Air a total fleet of 15 aircrafts as of 2021 – mostly comprised of Airbus A320-200s and A321-200s. It currently covers mostly domestic destinations in Thailand and several destinations in Vietnam. To know more about Thai Vietjet Air experience, keep reading this article below.

The Flight Experience with Services of Thai Vietjet Air

Flying with Thai Vietjet Air experience commonly starts with weighing off your carry-on and cabin luggage, in order to ensure that you’re within limits. Otherwise, you will be charged with extra fees.

Later on, you will see how the Thai Vietjet Air has nearly all young fleet that are in a good shape. The signage within the aircraft is mostly in English and Vietnamese. You probably will only see ‘That VietJet’ painted on the tail of the aircraft and their safety cue card. The rest of them look identical to the parent airline company, The VietJet Air.

  1. Seating

Nearly all of the seats inside Thai Vietjet Air are the same. Pre-booked seats are split into several different categories. The seats that are located near the front section of the aircraft are usually more expensive than the seats that are located on the back section.

The priciest seats of all will be the ones at emergency exit row and bulkhead, because they have extra legroom. Even with the extra price, they still have reasonable cost. The emergency exit row seats are especially comfortable if you are taller, because it provides more space than the regulars.


  1. In-flight entertainment

As it does with majority of budget airlines, there’s no onboard entertainment at Thai VietJet aircraft. That’s hardly an issue because most flights are less than an hour anyway, so you won’t have enough time to watch anything.

They do provide in-flight magazines, the ones that are used in VietJet Air as well. The magazines contain several articles in Vietnamese with some that translated in English – unlike other regional low-cost airlines that offer full English magazines. You won’t find any route map inside the magazine too, only a list of destinations.


  1. Onboard meals

The meals offered at Thai VietJet Air are not included with your ticket. There is an onboard menu that allows the passengers to buy snacks and meal during the flight. There’s also a system of meal preorder via online.

Online preordered meals are available with 20% discount from the normal price if you order them inflight. The preorder can be done up to 36 hours before the scheduled departure time, to one hour before the departure time.

The menu of Thai VietJet Air is comprised of Thailand meals and snacks, in Thai language and prices in Baht currency.  Similar to VietJet air menu, the prices are reasonable enough.


  1. Onboard connectivity

Thai VietJet Air provides no inflight Wi-Fi service, either paid or free.

Thai Vietjet Air experience is pretty much similar to most low-cost carrier companies. The biggest advantage from choosing the airline is probably the more affordable flight ticket price compared to the traditional, full-service airlines. This is possible because the overhead costs are made to be as low as it possibly can, and the additional services such as entertainment and meals aren’t included in the ticket’s price.

The services that you are getting from flying with Thai Vietjet Air experience might be less than what you’ll get from full-service airlines. However, that does not mean that the service is on the terrible quality. Less complete and less luxury is probably the more suitable description. You are able to get extra legroom or meals, but there is always an additional fee.

Choosing Thai Vietjet Air might be a good option if you are trying to fly domestically within Thailand or to Vietnam while saving airfare money. If your reason of flying is vacation, then you may allocate the fund into another list of your vacation. It also helps that most low-cost airlines offer regular promotions, which usually available on certain weeks or limited days, but it is definitely helpful if you are trying to save some money. During off-peak seasons or red-eye flights, the costs might be even lower.

That being said, you need to keep in mind these airlines, including Thai VietJet Air do not provide refund service. If your chance to enjoy Thai Vietjet Air experience is unfortunately have to be canceled, it is better to do reschedule. Rescheduling your flight with budget airlines require extra fees, besides the processing, seat location, and baggage check fees that you may be charged upon.