Taiwan’s Free Tourist Spot, Let’s GOOO !!

Taiwan is indeed one of the popular destinations in Asia. It has many beautiful places that will amaze you with its beauty. It is not only famous for its many historical buildings but also has a variety of other types of tourism

let’s see the explanation below…

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

National Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

One of the unique things that you can enjoy while at this free tourist spot, is the changing of the guard ceremony which is held every hour. In addition, being in the area also allows you to see the famous Taipei 101 building.

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Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan-1914- Creative Park

This tourist area contains cafes, shops that provide a variety of knick-knacks typical of young people, or bars. This tourist spot has indeed become one of the mainstay destinations, especially for young children.

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

Foto: asiavacations.info

The Chiang Kao Sek Memorial Hall tourist attraction is quite large and full of attractions that visitors can enjoy. This memorial hall was built beautifully by highlighting the architecture in the presence of a large blue gate that has become one of the icons in Taiwan.

Longshan Temple


One of the uniqueness of this one tourist spot is the beauty of the design and interior of the coolies. Although not a variety of Buddhas, there is nothing wrong with visiting a monastery or temple to see the architectural beauty of the building.